Linxue Li – Day 4


EN Regeneration based on art intervention

The three islands on the right side – Petroleum Industry Island, Storage Tank Island and Reclaimed Mud Island – are carefully chosen to practice our ideas for two reasons:

a) Location: they are all facing the city of Venice across vast sea area, performing as a filter field, connecting the island of Venice and the industry area on mainland.

b) Existing conditions: they show different and gradually changing conditions concerning of industry and nature. P Island’s industry has been fully developed; S Island shows a half-to-half condition while R Island is completely natural.

Three key words are proposed in our workshop to guide students’ projects:

Art: from a global vision, the power and potential effects of modern art is supposed to be rethought on Venice, which has already been famous for its Biennial, discussing the collision of art and the very city in the future.

Focus: each group is requested to select one urban element to be the invention focus, and try their best to search for the energy and possibilities.

Silos: silos are the heritage of the local business and also the typical facilities on all three islands. Students are suggested to maintain and utilize them as the body of above concepts on architecture’s scale.


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