Ricardo Bak Gordon – Exhibition



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Felipe González-Pacheco – Exhibition



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Pietro Valle – Exhibition



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And the winners are…


EN The jury of W.A.Ve. 2013, composed by Maria Giuseppina Grasso Canizzo, Boris Podrecca, Alfiero Farinea and chaired by Mario Botta, appointed four different mentions:

  • To the workshop held by Estudio Barozzi Veiga for the quality of the architectural design;
  • to the workshop held by Ricardo Bak Gordon for the vision proposed at urban and territorial scale;
  • to the workshop held by Pietro Valle for the approach tied to a conscious use of available resources;
  • to the workshop held by Felipe González-Pacheco for the value of the learning experience carried out within the laboratory.

Congratulations to all the W.A.Ve. 2013 participants, with the wish of a great summer!

IT La giuria dei W.A.Ve. 2013, composta da Maria Giuseppina Grasso Canizzo, Boris Podrecca, Alfiero Farinea e presieduta da Mario Botta, ha conferito quattro diverse menzioni:

  • Al workshop di Estudio Barozzi Veiga per la qualità del progetto architettonico;
  • al workshop di Ricardo Bak Gordon per la visione proposta a scala urbana e territoriale;
  • al workshop di Pietro Valle per l’approccio legato a un uso consapevole delle risorse disponibili;
  • al workshop di Felipe González-Pacheco per il valore dell’esperienza didattica svolta all’interno dell’atelier.

Complimenti a tutti coloro che hanno partecipato ai W.A.Ve. 2013 con l’augurio di un’ottima estate!













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Paredes y Pedrosa – Day 13

ws 13 1

ws 13 2

EN The exact measure of architecture
All 1:300 models are compared to understand the real size of real architectures

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Clinicaurbana – Day 13


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Tyin Tegnestue Arkitekter – Day 12


EN Work is almost completed. Few finishing touches are missing. Finally, the structures have taken shape and they are ready to host our sculptures.

Some comments on the workshop:

“Very nice. Fantastic. I learned to work with my group members, who I did not know before. ”

“Beautiful. I think it’s a unique experience in Italy. Since this is my last year I am very happy to have had this opportunity at the end of my journey. ”

“I’m in love with this workshop. It was a surprise every day. I learned to work with wood rediscovering my practical and manual side and forgetting about the computer screen. ”

“I appreciate the potential of teamwork and I think the experience was essential to begin to understand the importance of the organization of the construction site for the success of the work in expected time and program. I was also impressed with continuous exchange of materials, ideas and tools. ”

“It is been a very good workshop. I am surprised that 70 people worked quite organized. I was worried that the whole workshop could be in chaos but in the end it was not like that. I am also impressed about Italian students. You all have been very good, nobody was lazy and everybody worked with enthusiasm.
The staff from the university was worried about our work and safety but in the end we showed them that this kind of workshop is also possible and that we can be an example for others. In the end I can only be proud on the result which is really amazing.”

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